Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 19th-20th

Ghost Kittens

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Haag found such a fun activity for the 4th graders to do! They were able to make ghost kittens. Thanks, Mrs. Haag! Check out their neat drawings.

Investigation in 4th Grade!!

Sorry for the break from posting! It's been crazy here in 4th grade with the upcoming Thanksgiving Play! A few weeks ago, there was a crime in the 4th grade classroom. The students put their "detective caps" on and investigated what happened. After observing everything and making inferences, 4th graders created a story. Ask them how their story ends. Who was the victim and who was the criminal?!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Area and Perimeter Task Cards

Learning is Fun! 4th graders mastered area and perimeter of a rectangle today. Who knew moving around the room gets your brain moving a bit more?

Measuring Force and Using Technology

 4th graders learned and experimented how changing variables can change the amount of force on certain objects. Ask your students what variables we changed!